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Aesthetics of Mummy Make-Over

Pregnancy is a process that causes women to experience many different hormonal, physical and psychological changes in their bodies. Women may face deformations in various parts of their body due to physical changes during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Even if women get rid of their excess weight after birth, this may not be enough for their bodies to regain their old appearance. Changes in the breasts, abdomen, vagina, vulva and legs caused by pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding may cause women to be dissatisfied with their appearance. In such cases, maternity aesthetics can become an effective solution for many women to regain their former appearance.

What is Maternity Aesthetics?

Maternity aesthetics, also called torsoplasty, is a set of combined aesthetic surgeries performed to eliminate aesthetic problems caused by pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding. Thanks to the procedures performed within the scope of maternity aesthetics, sagging in certain parts of the body due to the effect of pregnancy and birth process is eliminated. Necessary changes are made in the breast and vagina. Maternity aesthetics(mommy makeover) is a process that should be planned individually. In this context, combined surgeries are planned and multiple parts of the body can be intervened simultaneously with a single anaesthetic.

Who is Suitable for Mummy Makeover?

Maternity aesthetics is applied to women who are not satisfied with the appearance created by the changes that occur in their body with the effect of pregnancy and birth process and who want to improve this appearance. 

It is required that at least 6 months have passed since the birth of the people who will undergo maternity aesthetics. In addition, the breastfeeding period must have been completed at least 3 months ago. Another condition that people who will undergo maternity aesthetics should meet is that the person is at or close to her ideal weight. If there is an excess weight that prevents surgery, the person is asked to get rid of the excess weight first. In addition to all these conditions, the suitability of the general health status of the patients for the operation is checked and their awareness of post-operative requirements is evaluated.

How is Maternity Aesthetics Performed?

Since maternity aesthetics is applied to eliminate the changes experienced by women during pregnancy and birth and to restore their bodies, the same procedures cannot be performed on every woman. This is because the pregnancy and birth process causes different effects on each woman. Therefore, the procedures to be applied within the scope of maternity aesthetics are determined specifically for each patient.

Within the scope of maternity aesthetics, if the patient needs and the plastic surgeon finds it appropriate, more than one aesthetic surgery procedure can be performed in one session. If the patient's breasts are deflated or empty, breast augmentation or both breast augmentation and breast lift can be performed. If the breasts have enlarged due to pregnancy, weight gain and breastfeeding, breast reduction surgery may be considered. Sagging breasts can be removed with breast lift surgery, giving the breasts an upright appearance, as well as removing excess tissue and fat in the breast with breast reduction surgery.

Abdominoplasty surgery can be performed to remove sagging skin in the abdominal area and caesarean section stitch scar.

If the patient has regional fat deposits in the abdomen, hips, arms, legs and neck that are resistant to regular sports and diet, liposuction method can be used.

If sagging of the vaginal lips occurs in women who give birth normally, the inner lips of the vagina can be reduced and the vagina can be narrowed with vaginal aesthetics. Vaginoplasty, also known as vaginal tightening, may also be possible within the same surgery.

Recovery Process After Maternity Aesthetics

The healing process after maternity aesthetics may vary according to the scope of the procedure. Temporary bruising, pain and oedema may be felt in the treated areas. Sports bra and corset should be worn for at least 1 month according to the applications performed. Heavy activities and sports that may cause the patient to strain should be avoided for at least 2 months. 

Patients who undergo tummy tuck aesthetics should lie in a "V" shape in the first week following the surgery and avoid movements that may cause strain in the abdominal area. Doctors usually recommend leaning forward while walking for a while during the healing process.

The permanence of the results of the procedures performed within the scope of maternity aesthetics can be ensured by regular nutrition and sports.

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