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Brazilian Butt Lift

Although diet and exercise play an important role in shaping the body, sometimes it is not enough to achieve larger or rounder buttocks. Although butt implants have been used for many years, the frequency of use of the Brazilian butt lift procedure has been increasing in recent years to have a more voluminous and shaped butt. 

In the BBL operation, which is based on removing excess fat in a certain part of the body by liposuction method and injecting the excess fat into the buttocks after special processes and purification, the entire lower body appearance is improved by removing fat from problem areas such as buttocks, lower abdomen and thighs. Since the procedure is performed by using fats taken from the person's own body, there is no situation such as causing any allergic reaction.

What is Butt Lift?

The application of liposuction and fat injection procedures to remove fat from appropriate donor areas of the body and inject the fat into the buttocks to add fullness to the buttocks and apply a superior posterior is called butt lift or BBL. The Brazilian butt lift procedure involves harvesting excess fat from the donor area and then injecting this fat into the target area to create a voluminous and curvy butt.

Some people are genetically predisposed to a flat butt. In this case, aesthetic procedures are the only method to create more voluminous and round buttocks. Brazilian butt aesthetics is one of the most effective methods of achieving a more natural appearance and shaped buttocks.

Who is Butt Lift Suitable for?

The most suitable candidates for the Brazilian butt aesthetic procedure are people who have lost their natural curves due to age or weight change, who want to improve this appearance, and who have enough fat deposits in their body for grafting. People who will do Brazilian butt lift should not have a health problem that prevents the application. 

BBL aesthetics can be performed on people who have a flat and non-elevated butt structure for various reasons. The desired appearance can be obtained by applying butt lift in people whose waist-butt transition is erased due to fat accumulation in the waist area. In addition, butt lift can be performed to achieve a more aesthetic looking butt in people who have flattening, volume loss and fall in the butt area after bariatric surgery and dramatic weight loss. 

How is Butt Lift Performed?

Butt lift is a plastic surgery procedure consisting of more than one stage. The first step is based on removing a certain amount of fat from the waist, back, abdomen or leg area of the person. Then, the obtained fats are purified by processing. As a result of this process, the fat tissues are prepared for fat injection. In the last stage of the butt lift application, fat injection is made to the points determined specifically for the person. Thus, volume is added to the desired areas and a more aesthetic appearance is obtained.

Recovery Process After Butt Lift

After the butt lift, some of the fat injected into the target area can be absorbed and melted by the body. For this reason, the patient is called for control after a while after the application. If it is determined that it is necessary, it may be possible to re-inject fat in the determined areas.

Since the application is performed under anaesthesia, no pain is felt. For the first 2 weeks following the buttock lift, the patient should not sit directly on his/her buttocks and should not lie on his/her back. During this period, there is no harm in lying on your side, standing or lying down in a way that does not put pressure on the buttocks.

A corset is used for about 8 weeks to contribute to the healing process, to allow the oedema to heal and the skin to recover. Care should be taken to wear the corset 24 hours a day for the first 4 weeks and 12 hours a day for the remaining 4 weeks.

Heavy activities, movements such as squatting and stretching, sitting on the buttocks, fat burning exercises such as running should be avoided until the healing is complete.

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