Breast Aesthetic

Breast Reduction

Breast reduction is not only applied to achieve an aesthetically better appearance. Breast reduction aesthetic surgery can also be used to eliminate various health problems caused by larger than normal breasts. Having larger breasts than normal may cause problems such as excessive sweating, back pain, lower back pain and diaper rash.

In addition, some psychological problems may also occur in women due to difficulty in choosing clothes and during daily movements. In such cases, breast reduction aesthetics may become a necessity in terms of aesthetics and health. In many patients, breast reduction is combined with breast lift. 

What is Breast Reduction?

The aesthetic surgery procedure applied to reduce the size of breasts that are larger than normal is called breast reduction. The purpose of the breast reduction procedure is to reduce the breasts that cause some physical and psychological discomfort in women and to harmonise them with the general lines of the body. Within the scope of breast reduction surgery, excess fatty skin and breast tissue in the breasts are removed. Thus, it is ensured that the breasts have a size compatible with the rest of the body and look more aesthetic. At the same time, the woman's quality of life is improved.

Who is breast reduction suitable for?

18 years of age and breast reduction surgery, which can be applied to people who have completed breast development, can be performed before the age of 18 if it causes very serious problems in terms of physical and psychological health. In this case, the approval of both the family and the plastic surgeon is needed.

  • Experiencing neck, back and lower back pain due to the large size of the breasts,
  • The breasts are not of a size compatible with the rest of the body,
  • Problems during clothing selection due to the size of the breasts,
  • The nipple is too low compared to its normal position due to sagging and large breasts,
  • Compression of the bra straps on the shoulders due to the weight of the breasts,
  • Leaning forward in the shoulders and bending in the neck,
  • Breast reduction surgery can be performed on people who have redness, fungus and rash under the breasts, especially in summer.

How is Breast Reduction Performed?

Different techniques can be used in breast reduction surgery performed under general anaesthesia. An inverted T-shaped incision can be made from the fold under the breast, the tip of the breast and under the breast. After the incision is made according to the technique chosen according to the person, excess fat and tissues in the breast are removed. Since the breast is recovered after the procedure, a certain degree of lifting effect is also provided. 

Recovery Process After Breast Reduction

After breast reduction surgery, patients usually start to participate in social activities so that they will not get tired on the 3rd day. When the patient comes out of the operation, the patient's breasts are wrapped in bra-like bandages. The bandages are usually removed after 1 week. It is important to use a sports bra for 4 weeks after the operation. Thus, the breasts are shaped more easily after the surgery and protected against possible impacts. 

Swelling, numbness, and bruising in the operation area is considered natural condition. Since these symptoms are temporary, they resolve spontaneously within a few days following the operation. 

Heavy exercises, sports and movements that may cause strain should be avoided for at least 3 months following breast reduction surgery. The use of antibiotics and painkillers prescribed after the surgery ensures that the pain is controlled and the risk of infection is minimized. 

As with all surgical procedures, the recovery process after breast reduction aesthetic surgery may vary according to a number of factors specific to the patient. However, a period of 6 months is generally required for a full recovery.

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