Especially in recent years, the increasing number of foreign patients has made Turkey one of the leading countries in health tourism. Thousands of patients every year, even millions of patients in the last 2 years, prefer Turkey for their treatments and "at the same time" for holiday, sightseeing and travel purposes.

Great success has been achieved on this path and more than 1 million foreign patients visited Turkish clinics in 2021.

Our country is one of the leaders of the health tourism sector. Turkey is an important centre of excellence in healthcare services thanks to its service delivery system, service quality, treatments, hospitals, experienced medical doctors and healthcare professionals.

Health Services

Turkey stands out on a global scale thanks to its newly built city hospitals, numerous hospitals and high quality healthcare services.

Health Centers

As part of the globalisation process, increased cooperation between countries, the ease and democratisation of travel today have expanded the scope of health tourism in the world, and new and important destinations have emerged. Turkey proudly hosts many important health centres at world standards.

City Hospitals and Medical Centres

Turkish city hospitals are built to combine the best services that our country has to offer in the healthcare sector. These mega health complexes stand out as central locations providing world-class emergency, primary care and specialised services in all medical fields.

History of Medicine and Traditional Medicine

Many innovations and success stories in the field of medicine have been realised in our country from past to present. Since ancient times, many treatment options, both traditional and modern, have been available in our country.

Turkish Medical Doctors: World Class Achievements and Success Stories

Turkish medical doctors have always proudly represented Turkey all over the world with their many achievements and medical discoveries. They continue to carry Turkey's name to the top by performing successful surgeries, receiving prestigious awards, publishing groundbreaking articles and much more.