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Night Records

Many people experience teeth grinding at night as a result of the stress they face in daily life. The problem of teeth grinding both causes wear of the teeth and can lead to slippage in the jaw. In order to use night plaques, a dentist should be consulted first.

Dental health is very important not only for having a beautiful smile but also for human health. In order to increase the quality of life, oral and dental health should be given due attention. 

If the problem of teeth grinding, which is one of the leading problems caused by stress, persists, the structure of the teeth deteriorates and abrasion of the teeth occurs. There is also a risk of significant problems in the jaw structure. In order to prevent such problems, it is necessary to consult a dentist and use night plates. 

What are Night Plates?

Mouth plaque supports designed to prevent problems such as abrasion or slipping in the jaw that may arise from problems such as teeth grinding and jaw clenching during sleep are called night plaques.

Night plaques are used to prevent grinding of teeth and slipping problems in the jaw. Night plates do not come in the same size and each patient needs to have a night plate made in a different size and personalised for each patient. For this reason, the jaw and teeth of each patient who will use a night plate should be measured and a personalised plate should be produced. 

Moulds are created using the measurements taken individually. Night plates are made after these measurements are taken and the moulds are removed, and the patient must follow the dentist's instructions completely during use.

For whom are night aligners suitable?

Night aligners are usually;

  • Wear on the teeth due to grinding,
  • Sensitivity to temperature changes in the teeth,
  • Problems with teeth grinding due to stress,
  • It is used in case of jaw and headache when the person wakes up from sleep. 

How are Night Plates Applied?

The jaw and tooth structure of people who need to use night plates or whose dentist finds it appropriate to use night plates due to various ailments are examined by the dentist. The dentist makes a special mouth guard suitable for the patient's structure. Night plaques made for night use prevent the teeth from rubbing against each other thanks to their protective properties. Thus, deterioration of the tooth structure and jaw structure is prevented.

Things to Consider When Using Night Plates

It is also possible to use night aligners in daily life. If the individual grinds his/her teeth when exposed to stress during the day, it may be useful to use night aligners. However, it is not appropriate to use aligners for more than 12 hours in a 24-hour period. Night aligners can be used for at least 4 hours a day for at least 21 days a month. Night plates are available in different colours and sizes.

Night plates have a sensitive structure. For this reason, even if they are removed while eating, there is a possibility of undesirable situations such as the transmission of bacteria, oil and harmful substances through the mouth. This is also a situation that can lead to deformation of night plaques. Although it is possible to clean night plaques with different methods, it is generally recommended to clean night plaques with alcohol. Care should be taken to avoid harsh movements during cleaning with a soft cloth and very little alcohol.

Night plaques can also be cleaned with soap and toothpaste. This is also an easy and effective method. Within the scope of cleaning with soap and toothpaste, the night plaque is cleaned after applying soap or toothpaste to a soft-bristled toothbrush. Then rinse with plenty of water.

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