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Non-Surgical Face Lift

It is natural that sagging occurs on the face due to the effect of gravity over time, but it is a condition that can cause aesthetic discontent of the person. Surgical and non-surgical procedures can be applied for facelift. Non-surgical facelift is one of the non-surgical facial aesthetic procedures whose popularity has been increasing in recent years. 

Deep wrinkles, loosening and sagging of the skin as a result of various reasons, especially aging, can lead to increased aesthetic concerns not only in women but also in men. Non-surgical face lift or face lift with thread suspension; It can be preferred in order to obtain effective results in people who want to improve their appearance but do not prefer surgical procedures. Correct patient selection is extremely important for the success of the results to be obtained. Non-surgical facelift should be preferred in patients with mild to moderate sagging and skin elasticity.

What is Non-Surgical Face Lift?

Non-surgical face lift or face lift with thread suspension is a method that can be applied to people who want to have a younger, beautiful and well-groomed appearance. The special threads used in this method allow the skin to regain its lost elasticity. Sagging and wrinkles in the face area can be removed with the rope suspension method, which stands out with its reliability. Non-surgical facelift is frequently used to improve the non-aesthetic appearance of the facial area due to aging and to achieve a younger appearance by creating a lifting effect on the face.

Since the thread suspension procedure does not require a surgical procedure, it is much more comfortable than facelift surgery. There is also no need for a long recovery period. Since it does not have a negative effect on the muscles, the person maintains facial expressions after the application. Since the fall in the eyebrows is also eliminated, the gaze regains its former expression and vitality.

After the thread suspension application, the facial oval, which has lost its prominence for various reasons, can be reappeared, as well as the cheekbones can be clarified. Thus, the face is given a younger appearance.

Who is Non-Surgical Face Lift Suitable for?

People who want to eliminate the deformations on their face due to aging and other reasons without plastic surgery and achieve a younger appearance are considered candidates for non-surgical facelift procedure.

The amount of hyaluronic acid and collagen in the facial area begins to decrease in the 30s. As a result, wrinkles appear on the skin. If these wrinkles are not taken under control, deep wrinkles and sagging occur over time. Generally, non-surgical facelift is applied to people between the ages of 30 and 65 to lift the sagging skin upwards and provide a younger appearance.

How is a non-surgical facelift performed?

The non-surgical facelift procedure can be performed under local anaesthesia or sedation in an average of 45 to 60 minutes. Medical threads that are biologically compatible with the human body are placed in the area intended to have a younger appearance as a result of the treatment. It is generally preferred to place the threads under the skin over the ear. Thus, it is possible to hide the scars in the scalp and a visible scar is prevented after the non-surgical facelift procedure. The medical threads are stretched and fixed to achieve the desired lifting effect and symmetry. After this procedure, the non-surgical facelift procedure is completed.

Recovery Process After Non-Surgical Facelift

Although there is no interruption in the social life of the person after non-surgical facelift or thread suspension method, it is necessary to rest for a few days. For a few days after the non-surgical facelift application, the patient should avoid lying face down, massaging the face and rubbing the skin. In addition, care should be taken to reduce jaw movements as much as possible. In addition to all these, it should be remembered that only upward movements should be made while washing the face and in the opposite case, the skin will be pulled downwards.

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