Stomach Balloon

The stomach balloon, which is one of the temporary weight loss methods, shows its effect in about a year. In this method, which is performed without any incision in the stomach, the amount of food taken by the stomach is reduced. Since the air-filled balloon occupying a certain space in the stomach reduces the capacity of the stomach, the person starts to feel full with smaller portions, and the energy need is met by using the fats stored in the body.

6 to 12 months after the application, there may be significant regressions in diseases such as metabolic syndrome, gout, diabetes, cholesterol, and triglycerides in the patient.

What is a Gastric Balloon?

A gastric balloon is a silicone balloon that is placed in the stomach and inflated using liquid or air until it reaches a volume of 400 to 700 cc. It is a temporary method that can be applied endoscopically in patients who cannot lose weight despite regular diet and exercise programmes, avoid surgical procedures, and have a high risk of surgery.

After the application, it is considered an effective method to reduce the size of the portions of the patients and reduce the frequency of eating. The elimination of the need and habit of snacking between meals is among the factors that accelerate the weight loss process.

What are the Types of Stomach Balloons?

Gastric balloon; can be classified under four different categories according to whether it is liquid or pneumatic, whether the volume is adjustable, whether it has a self-melting feature, and the time of removal. The choice of balloon type is made in line with the needs and expectations of the patient.

Who Can Gastric Balloon Be Applied?

  • Patients with different health problems such as diabetes and high blood pressure in addition to obesity,
  • People who are overweight enough to undergo obesity surgery but cannot lose enough weight to undergo surgery,
  • A body mass index of less than 40 but weighs more than the ideal weight,
  • Afraid of surgery,
  • Patients who cannot lose enough weight with regular diet and exercise are considered suitable candidates for the procedure.

In which cases is the gastric balloon not suitable?

The main reasons that prevent the application of the gastric balloon method are ulcers, reflux, and the presence of a large gastric hernia. In addition, it is not a suitable procedure for patients who have previously undergone bariatric surgery, pregnant women, those planning a new pregnancy, those with alcohol addiction, those with problems in the oesophagus, and those with psychological disorders.

How is a gastric balloon inserted?

The gastric balloon is usually placed in the stomach under general anaesthesia and using the endoscopic method. At this stage, the balloon is delivered from the mouth to the stomach with a tubular medical device. The balloon placed in the stomach is inflated by giving serum through the use of a special extension line and is inflated to the desired size. After the procedure, which is completed in about 30 minutes, the patient is kept under observation for a certain period and discharged on the same day. The balloon is usually removed 6 to 12 months after the application, taking into account its type.

What are the Advantages of a Gastric Balloon?

Since there is no surgical procedure and the application is performed endoscopically, there is no need for a long recovery period. In this way, the patient easily adapts to the new living standards after the application.

The application is completed in 15 to 20 minutes on average, and patients are usually discharged 3 to 4 hours after the operation.

In this procedure, in which no changes are made in the functioning of the stomach, other organs, and systems, it is aimed After the operation, diet and exercise programmes should be followed to get rid of excess weight quickly.

After 6 to 8 months after the balloon placed in the stomach is removed from the stomach, the stomach returns to its former state. If the desired goal is not achieved after the first application, it is possible to repeat the procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much is the Gastric Balloon Price?

Since many different criteria should be evaluated while determining the prices, it is considered more accurate to share the price information after the decision of suitability for the procedure is made for the patient.

At How Much Weight Is The Gastric Balloon Inserted?

There is no weight restriction for the application of this method. It can be applied to people who cannot lose weight with regular diet and exercise and whose body mass index is 27 and above.

What are the harms of the gastric balloon?

If the procedure is applied with the correct techniques to the patient who is decided to be suitable, there is no harm to the patient. Possible risks are extremely low due to its endoscopic application. However, although rare, risks such as bleeding, anaesthesia, bursting or leaking, vomiting, nausea and abdominal pain may occur.

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